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Happy Endings Urn Catalog

We have a wide selection of the finest urns and cremains boxes available for your precious pets. each urn/box is custom engraved and will usually arrive at our facility within 5 days. we offer free transfer of ashes to these urns for pet owners that have elected an individual or private cremation. Burial markers may take a little longer to receive.

View Categories Below

Framed Photo Urns

Photo Urns designed for pet owners who wish to display their favorite 4" x 6" photos.


Traditional Urns

Simple boxes in Maple, Oak & Walnut with brass nameplates.


Burial Markers

100% granite burial markers delivered in 14-17 days.


Paw Print Series Urns

These urns are true works-of-art as they are hand forged and carved by old-world artisans from India.


Marble Vase Urns

Real Marble in black, white/grey, or caramel. No two vases are the same! Comes with or without engraved base.


Rock Urns

Hollow outdoor imitation rocks with bottom plug and nameplate.


Keepsake Paw Print

Keepsake Paw Print Heart. Comes with a threaded screw on the bottom for easy and safe installation of your pet's ashes.


Precious Kitty Urns

Beautifully made solid metal cremation urns designed specifically for felines.


Faithful Feline Urns

Hollow cat figurine urns with Walnut display base and nameplate.