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Because every pet's life should have a

Happy Ending.


Vet Association

Dr. Fixler

At Happy Endings In-Home Euthanasia, we perform euthanasia using the absolute most humane method available. Dr. Fixler has studied anesthetic protocols extensively to create the most peaceful and painless euthanasia experience.

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The Decision

Not all In-Home Euthanasia is the same

At Happy Endings In-Home Euthanasia, we perform euthanasia using the absolute most humane method available. Dr. Fixler has studied anesthetic protocols extensively to create the most peaceful and painless euthanasia experience. From the first phone call and throughout the entire process, Dr. Fixler, his wife Alicia and our tech, create the most comforting experience for their pet owners in this difficult time. It is for these reasons that Happy Endings In-Home Pet Euthanasia has become the most recommended service of its kind in the valley.

What they're saying.


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June 5, 2017
Tonight we faced an agonizing choice. Our German Shepherd Jazzy was having problems that we knew she would not bounce back from. She was 13, had lived a very long and loving lif...


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March 23, 2017
I cannot express my thanks fully in mere words for the very sweet manner that Dr. Fixler and Jasmine cared for our dear Sushi in our home and where Sushi always found the most comf...


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January 30, 2017
I cannot thank Dr. Fixler and staff enough. Thank you to the staff who answered the phone, taking the time to listen to me through my tears with patience and compassion. Thank you ...


Orange Quote Icon
November 20, 2016
My beloved 'G', an 8 year old Yellow Lab was hit hard with cancer in just the past week. It came on very quickly. Tests showed that it was affecting multiple organs, and at least ...

Tim L.

Orange Quote Icon
October 25, 2016
We are so grateful to Dr. Fixler and Morgan for coming to our home and helping to make the passing of our beloved Diego a little easier. Dr. Fixler explained every step he was tak...

Kathy & Dave

Orange Quote Icon
November 7, 2016
I would totally recommend this company! The doctor was so patient and kind . Explained everything. Answered all my questions. They treated my dog with such dignity and respect...

Debbie H.

Orange Quote Icon
September 1, 2016
They were so amazing, kind and understanding during this very difficult process. It was peaceful, and I was grateful for this service.

Dawn K.

Orange Quote Icon
August 2, 2016
Dr. Michael was wonderful as we said goodbye to our dog Harriette. She was in so much pain; the decision to end her pain was made so much easier as the staff came to our home and e...

Karen L.

Orange Quote Icon
June 30, 2016
Just had the service done by the doc and his assistant they were very professional and very caring. They made Wilma's journey to the rainbow bridge as best as possible.


Orange Quote Icon
May 15, 2016
Dr. Fixler and his assistant, Jasmine, came to our home last Monday to help our beloved, almost 13 year old Greyhound, to the Rainbow Bridge. They handled George with such tenderne...

Alison S

Orange Quote Icon
May 6, 2016
We put down our beloved Chug, Rusty, in April 2016. Happy Endings staff, especially, Dr. Fixler, was so compassionate. He let us have as much time as we all needed to let Rusty go....

Jean & Rick W.

Orange Quote Icon
May 6, 2016
Dr. Fixler and team provided services to our beloved Tiggy last Thursday. Came the same day we called. His caring for both our cat and our family was wonderful. He explained every ...

Tom H.

Orange Quote Icon
April 12, 2016
As I am finally getting past the sadness of losing our beloved rescued hound dog Darlin Clementine, I wanted to thank Dr. Fixler, Jasmine and the super sweet gal that took my call....

Bill & Carol T.

Orange Quote Icon
April 6, 2016
We had a very large (Mastiff) and difficult dog. My greatest fear was seeing him stressed and fearful in his final moments. Recognizing Dublin's anxiety and capacity to get aggress...

Dan P.

Orange Quote Icon
April 1, 2016
We called the AM our boy was so sick, Dr Michael and Alicia came so fast, I could not imagine Chief suffering the entire day. Dr Michael came in and gave us such comfort knowing o...

Derek Springfield

Orange Quote Icon
March 28, 2016
We are snowbirds spending our winters in AZ with our beloved 14 year old cat, Samson, who loved the sun and warmth as much as we do. When Samson became very ill and we knew he woul...

Diane Moore

Orange Quote Icon
March 24, 2016
We can't express enough what a beautiful experience this was. It was empathetic and professional. More importantly it was peaceful and comforting for my dog. I was so happy for mak...


Orange Quote Icon
February 29, 2016
I can't thank Dr. Fixler and his assistant enough for the service that they provide They were very caring and gave us all the information we needed to make the best decision for ou...

Stevie McDonald

Orange Quote Icon
February 7, 2016
Thank you!!!! We lost are beloved Sniper just a few days ago. Happy Endings you were fantastic. Compassionate, informative, very professional. We couldn't have asked for anything m...

Jessica Rutledge

Orange Quote Icon
January 3, 2016
Dr. Fixler and his staff ware complete professionals. They explained everything that would happen, and then they administered the sedative. They gave us all the time we needed to s...

Dar Unger

Orange Quote Icon
November 23, 2015
We are so thankful that Dr. Fixler has chosen the path to help ease the pain of losing a loving companion. Having Dr. Fixler visit our home twice in three months was almost more th...

Teri Wood

Orange Quote Icon
November 11, 2015
Thank you for making this difficult time for my daughter and grand-daughter a little bit easier by being so compassionate and caring. It meant so much to have a her precious best ...

Sue Esposito

Orange Quote Icon
November 11, 2015
My brave little guy, Sparky, was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer earlier this year. After months of treatment to prevent the cancer from spreading and to give him the hi...

Meghann Sherman

Orange Quote Icon
September 24, 2015
I cannot express enough gratitude for the expertise and compassion Dr. Fixler and his wife provided to us and our beloved 13 year old lab, Kodi. They not only made a very difficult...

Karen Fuccello

Orange Quote Icon
September 11, 2015
The service Dr. Fixler and his assistant, Jasmine, provided was so professional and caring. The process was thoroughly explained in detail in such a caring manner. Thank you


Orange Quote Icon
September 10, 2015
I first made contract with Dr. Fixler's wife Alicia, who on a weekend took time to speak with me and listen to simple story of my very sick dog "Petey". We talked and she said to c...

Myron & Darlene Voigt

Orange Quote Icon
July 29, 2015
Over the course of 6 months or so; my 15 year old Chow/G.Shepherd mix Nefertiti (Titi) started experiencing the effects of old age. She had other health issues as well. Our vet sai...

James Wanzer

Orange Quote Icon
July 19, 2015
Thank you very much for the service you provide. it was so non-stressful compared to trying to get our ailing family member to the vet or emergency care. Dr Fixler was more than we...

Caren & Stu Warshaw

Orange Quote Icon
July 18, 2015
We had owned our English Mastiff, Braxton, for almost 12 years when we needed to call Dr. Fixler to request euthanasia. Dr. Fixler and his assistant were able to come to our house ...

Krista Schmitt

Orange Quote Icon
July 16, 2015
It has been 6 days since our beloved Suka passed. We truly toiled with the decision to end her pain and suffering, but knew it was time for her. Her vet of 10 years recommended Hap...

Jenn & David

Orange Quote Icon
July 9, 2015
Knowing almost nothing about the characteristics of Harry Potter from the book series, I googled for some information about him. Turns out, my beloved Siberian husky with the same ...

Marilyn C. Mannisto

Orange Quote Icon
May 6, 2015
A couple days ago we had to face the reality that the time had come to do the humane thing and put our sweet dog Duke down. It was very hard to make that decision but we were comfo...

Patricia Campbell

Orange Quote Icon
May 1, 2015
I would like to thank Happy Endings for being so sensitive and caring during one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever had to go through in my life. I really appreciate that there...

Denise Arredondo

Orange Quote Icon
March 15, 2015
I emailed Dr. Fixler late Friday. My best friend, a Border Collie named Blaze, was no longer able to walk or stand due to spinal cancer. The next morning Dr. Fixler's wife phoned a...

DM Adair

Orange Quote Icon
February 3, 2015
There aren't enough words available in the english vocabulary to properly describe the compassion and care of the people at Happy Endings in ensuring a dignified farewell to long-l...

Bill Irvine

Orange Quote Icon
January 31, 2015
My appreciation to Dr Fixler and his assistant is so long overdue. I had known for a while it was time for both of my fur babies to head over the Rainbow bridge but could not bring...

Christine Steley

Orange Quote Icon
January 19, 2015
This was the ending that our Jetters well deserved, and it\'s the best that could've ever been offered to him. He was in the comfort of his own home, on his own bed, surrounded by ...

Mason Brewer

Orange Quote Icon
January 10, 2015
Making the call to Happy Endings was so painful, but I knew our Maddie's time had come, with end-stage kidney failure. My call was received with such compassion, and the appointmen...

LuAnne Hedblom

Orange Quote Icon
January 5, 2015
Dr. Fixler was so caring. It was important to us that Rufus was in a peaceful environment during this difficult time. It was a very peaceful time. Thank you so much. I would recomm...

Mary Maestas

Orange Quote Icon
January 2, 2015
My husband Michael and I want to thank Dr. Fixler from the bottom of our hearts. On New Years Eve he came on short notice for our beloved dog Delta. He confirmed to us after examin...

JC Collins

Orange Quote Icon
December 31, 2014
Dr. Fixler and his staff provide an amazing service. I agonized about deciding when and how to determine my sweet Beko`s last day but Dr. Fixler and his team made the decision and ...


Orange Quote Icon
November 23, 2014
I want to thank you for all of your compassion and caring as we had to lay our special Lucky to rest. You were so calm and caring it helped when the time came. Thank you for your s...

Sam Hodges

Orange Quote Icon
October 16, 2014
As tough as it was to make the decision to put our 10 yr old kitty Minnie down, we equally were blessed with the peace of doing what was right for her by having Dr Fixler come to t...


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Happy Endings is proud to honor and memorialize some of the wonderful pets that have recently passed away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen after I make the appointment for my pet?

After you have made your appointment, there is nothing left for you to do except love and be with your pet. We will take care of all details of the appointment so that you can focus on making sure your pet is comfortable.


Cremation Options

After your pet has peacefully departed, there are decisions to make regarding his/her body.